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I’ve had very few alcholic drinks this year. About eight, in fact. And considering the first part of the year contains my birthday, that’s not bad going.

I seem to have lost the taste for it. Yes, a gin and tonic is refreshing, but when you’re burning the cocktail cabinet to keep warm during the cold weather it seems counterproductive to knock back drinks with ice in them.

And I’m not too keen any more on that dull feeling in my head in a morning having had a glass of vino collapso the night before.

And do you know what? I don’t really miss the alcohol, I can remember what went off at parties and it’s saving us a fortune.  (Actually, the second thing’s not strictly true as I’ve reached the age where I can’t remember where I put my glasses and I can’t always hear somebody at the other end of the table, so if you want accurate reporting of convivial gatherings, you’d better give me recording equipment.)

All of which is a roundabout way of saying I’ve written some mercifully short drink-related cautionary tales which you can find by clicking here and that will magically take you The Reaper website to read them. Don’t let the fact that they rhyme put you off.

Thank you for casting an eye over them, and just remember – there, but for the grace of God (or deity of your choice) goes any one of us…


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