A barbecue in the cemetery

A marketing email from a supermarket urged me to ‘treat your Mum to something special this Mother’s Day’ and included links to recipes, food and goodies to buy.

Dear Marketing Dept.,

I’d love to make my mother a roast dinner, as you exhort, but I don’t think I’d be allowed to take a barbecue into the cemetery. Into the crematorium, maybe – from which remark you can guess that I’m not a particularly sensitive soul.

I’m not averse to marketing emails in general.  (Hey, you need to sell things in order to fund the business which allows me to go and park right outside its doors whilst inside them I push a shoulder-wrenching trolley filled with perishable foodstuffs past people who think that the aisles there solely for them to sprawl about as far as they can whilst catching up with half-a-dozen old friends.)

And I understand that you have to make the most of these ‘occasion’ days to boost your profits.

But please don’t exhort people to specifically buy things for their mum. And don’t exhort them to ‘Be there for Mum’ as one of your jolly images did. Their mum, like mine, may no longer be available.

Your email irritated me to the point of writing this; I should imagine that it caused distress to others for whom the loss is more recent, or who are more sensitive than I.

Have a care, please.


P.S. The pedant in me said to tell you it should be ‘mum not ‘Mum’. Contact me if you need an explanation.


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