Reasons to be cheerful

It seems I’m just coming out of a blog hibernation which started at the end of last September.  Maybe I was worried I’d sound like a whinging old blogger because there’s here’s just so much to get angry about:

the NHS being dismantled

the necessity for foodbanks

everyone who’s aiding and abetting the right-wing coup that’s threatening peace in Northern Ireland and gorging vast amounts of the country’s money that could have been spent on the NHS, education, etc.

the continuing presidency of Donald Trump

(Not an exhaustive list by any means.)

So, setting aside the bigger problems of the world, I find there are still so many little things which irritate me, such as:

Why does my pc need another update?

Why does Twitter show me notifications which have nothing to do with me?

Why will my gas hob only ignite for Mr F? (And no, that’s not a euphemism)

When will somebody invent time travel so that we can go back and stop David Cameron calling that referendum?

However, there are also other things to cheer the soul, including:


Recording the ice-dancing at the Winter Olympics and then watching it at eight times normal speed

Getting tickets for  John Finnemore’s Flying Visit

The Article 50 challenge

But the main reason for me to be cheery is the publication of one of my stories by The Reaper as they kick off their new fiction section. So throw your hats in the air for me, please, and have a read of The Parting.  Thank you.

I’ll be back soon. Possibly.

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